Saturday, 7 June 2014

More older quick reviews

The comments field is just for quick comments I think of as I generate the score, not a detailed reviews. Usually they will just highlight criticisms or highlights.

Title Score (/10) Date Platform Comments
The Raid: Redemption 6 27/02/14 DVD
Carrie 6 27/02/14 DVD
The Wolf of Wall Street 8 4/03/14 Cinema Acting was great, direction and cinematography was great, plot was interesting, ending fell flat, the movie was way too long, women felt like objects in the movie (I guess that was kind of the point), this made me feel a little uncomfortable watching it with my wife.
Broken Age: Part 1 8 7/03/14 Steam Good humour, some great voice acting, some pretty average voice acting, wasn't sure which objects I could interact with, which made one puzzle very frustrating because I hadn't collected a critical object, loved the art style, music, locations, Gus, Curtis, Wolf and Jack Black's character's were stand-outs along with the lead girl and the mother in the cloud/bird town.
Robocop 7 17/03/14 Cinema Cool sound, definitely a big-screen experience, I didn't mind the story and the points it was trying to make. Marketing is always evil.
Twin Peaks Season 1 9 17/03/14 DVD Had originally given this 8/10, but after enough time has passed and watching some of season 2, this definitely needs to be a 9. It was a great series of television, it made me totally invested in these characters and the world in which they live. I'd love to meet Agent Cooper in real life.
Crysis 2 8 26/03/14 Xbox 360 Enjoyed the setting and the middle section of the game a lot. I found some of the encounters at the end frustrating because they through too many of the toughest enemies at you. I went from feeling super powerful to going back and hiding constantly. It does feel weird killing other humans when there are aliens around, but the encounters with the humans are the most satisfying. Also after being by yourself for the majority of the game playing alongside AI controller soldiers feels great, but it doesn't last very long. Vehicle sections were extremely limited, which would have been useful to break-up the normal game play. I felt the game dragged a little at the end.
Infamous 9 31/03/14 PS3 There's something about this game, something that makes it great, I'm not really sure what it is, it is hard to put my finger on. There are a lot of areas I feel the game needs to improve or the game just does wrong, such as: sticking to surfaces: this is both a fun aspect of the game and a frustrating aspect of the game, it is fun because it feels great hopping from wire to building to wire and you need Cole to stick to the surfaces for that, but sometimes, especially when you're climbing, it is so frustrating, when he keeps landing or grabbing onto the ledge you don't want him too, also the game doesn't always make it clear which surface Cole can cling to and which he can't. Another aspect of this game that I don't like is the enemies' constantly shooting at you and endlessly respawning, but this gives you a good reason to complete all the side missions in that area.

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