Sunday, 25 May 2014

More quick reviews

I'm still reviewing everything, I'll try to post more often:

Title Score (/10) Date Platform Comments
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 9 12/01/14 Xbox 360 Amazing setting, very sad and touching story, could never get used to the controls. Perfect length for that type of game
Hitman: Blood Money 7 12/01/14 Xbox 360 Game dragged-on too long, it is showing it's age. The trial and error game play is equal parts frustrating and thrilling (when it works).
Chronicles of Riddick 2 12/01/14 DVD Stupid costumes, crap story.
Frozen 9 18/01/14 Cinema Funny, great settings, likeable characters, good songs, actual voice actors.
Gears of War: Judgment 8 26/01/14 Xbox 360 Core game play is as strong as ever, I found that declassified missions made the game less fun more often than not.
Her 8 26/01/14 Cinema Felt very weird in places, I'm sure that was the point. I feel it's a very accurate portrayal of the future. Joanquin Phoenix is fantastic so it Scarlett's voice-over.
Assassin's Creed: Liberation 4 27/02/14 PS Vita Frustrating Vita Controls, confusing and muddled story, clunky combat, bland world
Uncharted: Golden Abyss 7 27/02/14 PS Vita Too long, during the middle of the game is where the different type of game play scenarios become quite clear to the user and quite tedious, as they are just cycling them over and over again. The game picks up again at the end, would have been nice if they cut out around 3 hours or so however. Story is ok, voice acting is great, combat is fun enough, climbing is only average however. Did not like all the extra Vita control integration, it took away from the game play, not added to it. The trophies in these games are terrible.
Riddick 7 27/02/14 DVD
You're Next 6 27/02/14 DVD

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