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Reviews - 24/Aug/2014

Title Score (/10) Date Platform Comments
Bully Scholarship Edition 7 12/05/14 Xbox 360 I'm playing this game 8 years too late, time has hurt the game a lot.
3:10 To Yuma 9 12/05/14 DVD
I wish 3 Westerns came out like this movie every year. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are great. Man, do I love cowboy movies.
Bad Neighbours 6 14/05/14 Cinema
Seth Rogen takes drugs in this movie, shocker. Not to sound too snarky, this movie has some funny moments.
Bulletstorm 8 21/05/14 Xbox 360
1st person Gears of War, everything was over-the-top and dumb, it was a lot of fun.

Sopranos Season 1




As good as a first season of a television show can be.
Fez 9 26/05/14 Xbox 360

Fantastic and beautiful game with an amazing world and art style. I enjoyed the clever mechanics and the platforming a lot. Exploration is the big winner here though, I loved exploring the world and searching for cubes, seeing what was next and trying to figure out the complicated puzzles. I had to use the internet for most of the difficult ones, Phil Fish, the creator, is a crazy genius. The only thing holding it back from a perfect score is technical issues, the game froze on me a few times and now it locks up as soon as I leave my house in the starting village, it seemed like a fitting end, but I did want to walk around the world one last time.
Moonrise Kingdom 7 26/05/14 DVD
Wes Anderson's style has pretty much reached it's limit with me now, it's now becoming worn out. It still has a lot of charm, but I can see right through it now. There are parodies of his style on YouTube and they get it so perfect that it goes to show how distinct his style is and how there is no diversity. This doesn't mean that this was a bad movie, it just means I won't be able to watch another Wes Anderson movie for a while. This movie has entertaining characters, an interesting location, some of my favourite actors and some funny jokes. Overall it's a good movie.
Xmen: Days of Future Past 6 7/06/14 Cinema
Scenes with Quicksilver was a real standout. I like the way they used the old and the new cast. Fight scenes with the mutants combining their powers in interesting ways were good. The future Sentinels were good enemies, very intimidating and scary. Timeline stuff was confusing, ultimately left me a little confused, no real standout scenes for me other than the Quicksilver scene. Reliance on CGI a little disappointing. Good humour in parts.

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