Monday, 5 August 2013

Greetings & the scarcest resource in gaming.

Hi all,

My name is Tim, and this is a blog about gaming.

These days I do most of my gaming on my: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita and iPhone.

With working full-time and being married, I tend to value games that display quality over quantity. Longer experiences such as Skyrim and Fallout 3 are an 'every-couple-of-years' kind of game, as they will take up a quarter of the year. 'Day-one purchase' is also not such a big deal for me anymore, as games drop so dramatically in price 6-12 months after release and there is always a great game to be played, there's always something in your pile of shame. Last year's 'games-of-the-year' haven't magically turned into piles of shite over the course of 6 months. This gives me a unique perspective on the value proposition of games, the 5 - 15 hour campaign full of outstanding and fresh moments is far more preferable than the padded 20 - 30 hour grind-fest. Avoiding the hype means smarter purchasing decisions, game reviewers can sometimes get caught in the hype of a game that scores highly, only to have nothing but negativity towards the game 6-months later. On the other hand, games that may have only gotten average scores have stood the test of time a lot better, with game reviewers remembering their time with these games fondly on podcasts 12 months down the road. Finally, being patient with games gives me the opportunity to play the main campaign with all the DLC, usually packaged into the 'complete' edition and I get the bonus of avoiding the week 1 bugs.



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